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Berkshire x0
Cambridgeshire x0
Cornwall x1
Devon x2
Dorset x1
Hampshire x1
Kent x1
Lincolnshire x1
London x1
Manchester x1
Nottinghamshire x0
Scotland x1
Surrey x1
Wales x0
West Sussex x5
Yorkshire x1



Breed: Labrador

KC Name: Magnavalleys Ludovic

Scores: BVA eye tested annually, PRA, CNM, EIC & HNPK clear, BVA hips 4-5, BVA elbows 0-0. DM clear. No puppies sired will be affected by the above hereditary diseases. KC working Gundog certificate

Owner: Susie Kennett

Fee: 500

Tel: 01872 864423  Area: Cornwall, UK

General Info: Ludo has an excellent temperament bought up with his mother, big sister & niece in a busy family household. DOB 29/06/2012  Ludo is dark chocolate (no yellow) has correct conformation, eye colour, fabulous otter tail, & superb biddable Labrador temperament. He lives in the home with his mother, elder sister & niece, making him a lovely laid back respectful boy. More details available www.magnavalleyslabradors.co.uk Ludo is regularly placed at both open & championship shows. He also attends gundog training & is picking up warm game including pigeon & pheasant. We are a small KC accredited breeder, breeding both black/choc show bred Labradors. We adhere to the KC health testing. All our dogs are shown at open & championship level & are all gundog trained when old enough. When we decide to have a litter careful consideration is given to the stud dog we choose. Therefore we are more than happy to be able to offer ludo at stud - as we have experience in mating, whelping & beyond with our bitches. Ludo is offered at stud to KC registered Labrador bitches who hold a current  BVA eye cert & are hip/ elbow scored, & at least 2yrs old & a typical biddable Labrador temperament. Now proven at stud with 9 pups in previous litter.

Contact Information:

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Breed: Labrador    Affix: Smale

KC Name: Smale Gundogs

Scores: Hip, Elbows, Eye, CNM, EIC, PRA

Owner: Grellis

Fee: 400

General Info: Age 2, Brilliant nature, honest working gundog. Dram has sired 6 litters and they are proving to be good, honest puppies with a nice attitude and lovely temperaments. Requirements for visiting Bitches: Approved bitches following discussions on requirements. I have been breeding Labradors for over 25 years - see my website www.smalegundogs.com

Contact Information:

Tel: 07713329164      Area: Devon, UK


Breed: Labrador

KC Name: Harrys Moondust Bear

Scores: Clear Eye Test Hip Score left and right 0 Elbow Score left and right 0

Owner: Michele

Fee: 450

General Info: Age 3, Gentle, intelligent traditional Labrador.  Quick learning and good gundog. We have always bred English Springer Spaniels, with will be our first with a Labrador. Call name is Bazil, good gun dog as well as family dog, integrates well with other dogs.

Contact Information:

Tel: 01803732067    Area: Devon, UK

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Breed: Labrador

KC Name: Rocket Solar Star

Scores: Sire Hip 7/8, Elbow 0 dam  Hip 6/8, Elbow 0

Owner: David Williams

Fee: P.O.A.

General Info: Age 2, Very good with kids. Typical lab. Lovely temperament. 20 Years owning as a pet. Very handsome boy with some striking features. Classic example of the breed

Contact Information:

Tel: 07980450410    Area: Dorset, UK

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Breed: Labrador

KC Name: alforlabs thistle

Scores: eyes clear Hips 4/4 Elbows 0

Owner: Tomkins

Fee: 350

General Info: Age 4, He is well proved .pups can be seen

Contact Information:

Tel: 07889132888     Area: Hampshire, UK

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Breed: Labrador

KC Name: Withyston Thunder

Scores: Hip Score 4:6 Elbows 0:0 CNM Clear prcd-PRA Clear

Owner: Sharon Cunningham

Fee: 300

General Info: Age 3, Excellent Temperament. Lovely young Athletic Dark Yellow Working Line dog. Professionally started in his training. Easy to handle. Clever quiet boy. Grandson of FTCH Mediterian Blue. Sire FTCH Delfleet Neon of Fendawood. Excellent Working Lines. Producing excellent FTW and CH.

Contact Information:

Tel: 07936221137      Area: Kent, UK.

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Breed: Labrador     Affix: Brunbois

KC Name: Thorneyfield Harold of Brunbois

Scores: Hips 3:0 Eye cert clear (10.14) DNA tests clear.

Owner: Mrs Jean C Cochrane

Fee: 40 per pup born

General Info: Age 2, Loving and docile. Gold Obedience, First Puppy Gundog Test. Three litters: 5:6:8. Many years breeding Labs. Requirements for visiting Bitches: KC Registered, 40 mating fee returned when pups born.

Contact Information:

Tel: 01778 700050       Area: South Lincolnshire, UK

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Breed: Labrador

Scores: Good health check recently .Just been vaccinated .No problem

Owner: R.Ramanah

Fee: 100

General Info: Very good and friendly. Family pet. Has full history of pedigree family. Requirements for visiting Bitches: Any bitches.

Contact Information:

Tel: 07956 169803             Area: London, UK

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Breed: Labrador

KC Name: Hawkridge Way Velocity

Scores: Norberg angle (right 1) (left 1) Subluxation (right 3) (left 3) Cranial acetabular edge (right 2) (left 2) Total score 12 date scored 29/04/15

Owner: David Ford

Fee: 50

General Info: Age 3, Oscar, a proven stud, has a very kind and gentle nature about him, he is a very stylish dog with plenty of natural drive and ability with a biddable and loyal temperament great with children and very trustworthy also exceptional with other dogs. Registered in the kennel club studbook. Second dog owned but fell in love straight away with the breed a very traditional Labrador with great bone structure. Requirements for visiting Bitches: No restrictions providing the bitch is healthy and is within the kennel club age guidelines for breeding. Oscar parents were (sire) Tessalu Miller. (dam) Cornermarsh Crossways Girl. copy's of all the certificate can be given. Oscar father won many awards his mother was a working dog, he is a very keen swimmer and loves the river a sea very sociable with other breeds, and is part of the family he is also a clever obedient and lovable dog.

Contact Information:

Tel: 07957776473    Area: Lancashire, UK

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Breed: Labrador

KC Name: Our carrick boy

Scores: Elbow 0 Hip 7/106

Owner: Russell Matchett

Fee: P.O.L.

General Info: Age 5, Very calm and intelligent. Obedient, trustworthy and very friendly with people and dogs. I have used him for company whilst training other dogs. Great role model. Not participated in any shows yet but family tree has winners on show with history back to great grand parents. No litters sired. My first labrador on my own but had them with my family for 25 years. Mylo is by far the most loyal and well trained. Requirements for visiting Bitches: Golden preferred Tests preferred. Willing to travel.

Contact Information:

Tel: 07943881184   Area: Clackmannanshire, UK

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Breed: Labrador

KC Name: Kentre Decim Open City

Scores: eye certificate, hip score (0 and 4 respectively)

Owner: Joanne Attrill

Fee: 250 - fee reflects inexperience

General Info: Age 3, Excellent temperment with children and dogs. Archie has been a family pet with us from 8 weeks old.  We know his parents and siblings many of which still live in the area. Archie has been a family pet with us from 8 weeks old.  We know his parents and siblings many of which still live in the area. Requirements for visiting Bitches: Must be healthy with relevant assessments / tests. We are not interested in stud services for mass or commercial breeding

Contact Information:

Tel: 01932400127    Area: Surrey, UK

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West Sussex

Breed: Labrador

KC Name: Siriusgold Baron Girod

Scores: Hip Score: 4/7, Elbow: 0/0, prcd/PRA (OptiGen): Clear/Normal, Current Eye Cert.

Owner: Katie Bainbridge

Fee: P.O.A.

General Info: Age 2,  'Ace' has an exceptional temperament with a sensible and biddable nature. He is a fantastic dog to work with plenty of natural drive and instinct. He picks up regularly on a busy shoot and has shown great ability in working tests this year. Ace has gained his KC Working Gundog certificate. He also obtained his KC Gold Good Citizen Award. At his first breed show at 13months he recieved a COM award in a strong class. Ace's sire won the gundog class at Crufts and regularly competes in the show ring. He has a lovely show/working pedigree with lines such as Abbotsleigh, Palgrave, Leospring, Brindlebay and Medowmill. He is a proven sire. All visiting bitches must be in good general health, have a low hip score and have a current eye cert.

Contact Information:

Tel: 01903 859811      Area: West Sussex, UK


Breed: Labrador      Affix: Nepcote

KC Name: FTAW Lockthorn Debonair

Scores: Hips- 5/4 Elbows - 0/0 EIC - clear CNM - clear PRA - clear BVA Eye Cert - clear SD2 - clear

Owner: Katie Bainbridge

Fee: P.O.A.

General Info: Age 2,  Floyd is a very kind and gentle nature and is a hard working stylish dog with plenty of natural drive and ability with a biddable and loyal temperament. He picks up on a busy shoot where he is an excellent steady, game finder. He has won many field trial awards. A true working dog, producing stylish, biddable offspring.

Contact Information:

Tel: 07738443963      Area: West Sussex, UK


Breed: Labrador

KC Name: Chestnut Nova Cheops

Scores: Hip and elbow score (perfect), eye certificate, chunky dark chocolate, lively character, no health problems

Owner: Ian Simcock

Fee: P.O.L.

General Info: Age 7, Good with all people and dogs, small or large. Previous dog was black labrador lived to 15, sired two litters. One of four dogs, three bitches. Call land line first please.

Contact Information:

Tel: 01342316492 or 07747 107707      Area: West Sussex, UK


Breed: Labrador      Affix: Glenmarian

KC Name: FT CH Oakvalley Black Storm

Scores: Hips 4/2 Elbows 0/0 Eyes clear (12/2/2013) CNM: CLEAR (18/2/2013) Highest level PIV vet authenticated certification. Optigen: prcd-PRA CLEAR (28/2/2013) Highest level vet authenticated certification

Owner: Robert Worrall

Fee: 600

General Info: Age 5,  Excellent temperament, friendly calm, great with children but also a superb working dog - a first rate all rounder. Diesel (pet name) is a superb working black Labrador retriever, fast stylish and a natural game finder. I pick up with him as well as trial and he has the rare ability to cope with both activities. He is powerfully built and has an excellent marking ability in the shooting field. Field Trial Champion - many field trial awards / wins. 4 healthy litters. No failed impregnations. 20 years owning and training working Labradors. I pick up on shoots regularly and participate in Field Trials. We have bred our own litter recently and I have provided stud dogs from our own kennels to discerning breeders. Requirements for visiting Bitches: KC reg, vacc. up to date, hipscored and eye tested is a minimum requirement.

Contact Information:

Tel: 07939 253464      Area: West Sussex, UK


Breed: Labrador

KC Name: Aston Soley Lime (Wilbur)

Scores: Vet checked and up to date on all vaccinations. Parents hips and eye scores good. Hips and eyes can be done if requested, Vets very happy with his physic and condition.

Owner: Meg Sheehan

Fee: 200

General Info: Age 5, Wilbur is a wonderful, intelligent and naturally calm dog - you can take him anywhere. He is a fabulous family pet from excellent working stock (Royal family bloodlines).  Our vet has said we must breed from him.  He is complemented for behaviour and looks everywhere he goes (and we take him everywhere).  Unusually for the breed he is not greedy. Litter with Golden Retriever - beautiful cross bread dogs, some of which are working in the field to success.  References available. Always had labradors as family pets - this is the pick of the lot, hence why he's been kept intact. Requirements for visiting Bitches: Vet checked and up to date on all vaccinations.  Happy healthy dogs - we want more dogs like Wilbur

Contact Information:

Tel: 07770444401      Area: West Sussex, UK

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Breed: Labrador

KC Name: Marshgate Sam (AR3)

Scores: Hip score 2-4,elbow score 0-0.prod-PRA Hereditarily Clear,CNM Hereditarily Clear

Owner: Patricia Fewster

Fee: best female in litter

General Info: Age 2, Yes very good. This is our second labrador. Mrs Fewster had two pet labradors as a child. Requirements for visiting Bitches: Probably better to be approximately within 50 mile radius of Whitby. We are not wanting commercial stud benefit, just a `one off' to acquire a pup for our Son who currently has the 12 year old paternal Aunt of our labrador. She is in good health with no age related arthritis.

Contact Information:

Tel: 01947880596      Area: North Yorkshire, UK.

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